About Us

Dr. Sheet Music is a search engine dedicated to sheet music. It combines the results of more than 50 resources, including many large sites for sheet music like MuseScore and IMSLP, as well as advertisements from affiliate programs like Amazon and ShareASale and advertisements for charities like CharityChoice and GoedeDoelen.nl.

What is federated search?

Dr. Sheet Music is a federated search engine based on Searsia, a free open source search engine for large scale federated web search. Dr. Sheet Music is a federation of search engines, like the European Union (EU) is a federation of countries. In the EU, each country has its own government and its own laws. Similarly, in Dr. Sheet Music, each search engine indexes whatever it likes and returns whatever it wants to.

How does it work?

When Dr. Sheet Music receives a query, it forwards the query to a selection of the search engines in the federation. It will try to select those search engines that most likely satisfy the user's need, for instance forwarding a query to IMSLP, if it believes the user would like old musical editions that are out of copyright. This way, Dr. Sheet Music displays live results from IMSLP, instead of results that were crawled a while ago.

Contact us

Contact us at: info@drsheetmusic.com